By Business Team Last updated on April 26, 2019

Personal finance – easier said than done

– Do you always have difficulty in allocating your spending every month?
– Did you know how to set long-term financial goals and achieve them?
– How much money is enough? What is passive income?
– Are saving and financial investment only for the rich?

According to a survey by Viettonkin Finance, 70% of participants did not have any specific and exact knowledge and skills about Personal Finance. This Workshop is to help you understand deeply the substance of Personal Financial Planning. Therefore, you will have the right financial thinking, improve your ability to evaluate as well as complete your financial goals.

Besides professional knowledge, our speaker will share his own experiences and practical examples that can help you get an overview of the following key issues:

– Financial goals setting
– Spending management
– Liability management
– Saving and Investment

Event Information:

– Free to participate
– Time: 10am-12am Saturday (27/04/2019)
– Address: Mahogany Coworking Space, 3rd floor, No. 11, Hoang Cau street, Dong Da district, Hanoi
– Registration link:

Speaker: Mr. Trung Hieu Nguyen – Director of Viettonkin Finance

He graduated with an excellent master’s degree majoring in Finance at Nottingham Trent University (UK). He has over 3 years of financial advisory experience in the UK and Southeast Asia.