1. Viettonkin Vietnam Startup Ecosystem (VSE) Understands What Difficulties Startups are Facing 

Vietnam Startups

Vietnamese startups community faces a variety of difficulties, the most common obstacles can be named are no access to funding, networks or no knowledge on market research, legal, human resources. But above all, Vietnam current fragmented startup ecosystem is hindering startups from having the chance to access knowledge and understanding about fundamentals like entrepreneurship skills, intellectual property issues to startups know how like how to access finance, how to build R&D capabilities. 

With our in depth understanding of how startups are struggling with these problems, Viettonkin recognize that we need to take the role of a pioneer in bringing a comprehensive and efficient startup ecosystem, connecting all startups in Vietnam with the rest of the world, providing organizational capacity building for startups and erase most of today’s startup ecosystem weaknesses like insufficient educational structure, local capital and consistent series of educational events. 

2. What Startups can gain from VSE?

Vietnam Startup Ecosystem

In the role of a pioneer, we want Vietnamese startup to grow to their fullest. Viettonkin Vietnam Startup Ecosystem have several notable features in order to make sure startups to have a tailor-made program, with leverage from brand name and existing resources of an established consulting firm by letting startups to take part in the incubator/accelerator program and become a part of Viettonkin’s startup ecosystem spanned globally; helping startups to build their own business and business development team while benefiting from guidance, knowledge transfer, expertise, services and financial support from VSE; Lastly, startups are entitled to co-ownership and profit sharing in their business project, whilst retaining and benefiting from the brand name of VSE. From these features, VSE can reaffirm its image as a companion to startups on their journey of growth, and foster a global community of all stakeholders that sponsor, invest in and offer advice for all startups in our network.

3. What values do Viettonkin Vietnam Startup Ecosystem VSE commit to?

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For Viettonkin Vietnam Startup Ecosystem, we value passion, innovation and connection. Passion is one of those intangibles that drives an entrepreneur, gets them through the good times and the bad times, and ultimately dictates the success of any startup. On the other hand, innovation is the thing that keeps startups going, especially when the team is small, doubt turns to success that something becomes truly innovative.

In order to successfully grow VSE as a destination for all startups and supporting organizations in Vietnam, VSE will need to implement precise strategies and tactics through time, in which VSE commits to initiate capacity building programs for startup owners, grow founder’s network, build a pipeline for all startups from pre-seed to exit stage and foster a network of all 7 key components of a startup ecosystem that includes support organizations, research organizations, service providers, large corporations, educational institutions, funding organizations, government/non-government unit.

4. Who We Are?

Vietnam Startup Ecosystem: Who We Are

About Viettonkin, we are a multinational group of professional services and consulting firms aimed at facilitating intra-ASEAN investments and foreign direct investments into ASEAN. We recognize our mission is to bridge ASEAN to the rest of the world, connecting six continents. With our holistic FDI intelligence approach, we provide useful advice for all investors who want to venture into any geographies and help them down the road for sustainable development. For our vision, Viettonkin will grow to be a top-five leading full-service FDI-focused consulting firm in Southeast Asia within the next 05 years. In 20 years, Viettonkin will become a top-five leading full-service FDI-focused consulting firm in the world.

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