Why Partnering With Us?

At Viettonkin, we take the word “partnership” seriously. The reason is simple: a strong network of strategic partners in different geographies is the most important key on our path to globalisation.

From the commercial perspective, our partners collaborate with us to grow our mutual business and find new commercial success. All partnerships operate on a win-win basis, whereby both parties win new contracts and expand their presence in new geographies, or join hands in acquiring and deploying major client projects. At some point, our relationship and trust grow so deep that we venture together to create new startup projects and new business stories in completely new markets.

From the professional perspective, we assign great significance to capacity building and internalising in-depth local insights through broadening our worldwide network of professional partners. Aspiring to be the industry leader in all of our service disciplines, Viettonkin works closely with partners to foster new innovations, design new services, tackle new problems, and strongly enhance the values offered to our clients.


Empower shared knowledge and design innovative solutions.


Enhance client values and work towards a one-stop solution hub in all geographies.


Foster meaningful global connections and grow your presence in a new geography.

Partnership Programs

All global B2B service providers and consulting firms interested in growing their business in new markets or finding new commercial opportunities in their existing fields are welcome to become one of our partners.

Law firms, accounting and auditing firms, digital marketing agencies, consultancies, IT providers, and even coworking spaces, office service providers, real estate brokerages, large financial institutions have all successfully leveraged their partnership with Viettonkin into notable growth and success.

We operate on flexible partnership models ranging from common referrals to strategic alliance and joint venture relationship, strongly fixated on a win-win spirit that has helped us reach where we are today.

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