Viettonkin, back in 2009, started its journey as a translation company in Hanoi, Vietnam. This year, Viettonkin reaches our 10th anniversary as a one-stop solution hub that connects investors to the Southeast Asian market, especially Vietnam.

“Connecting values, reaching further”

This is the theme of our Gala 10th anniversary. Connecting values has been our main vision from the beginning. Since a decade ago, we have become the bridge that connects countries in different continents of the world, specially developed and developing countries. In this celebration, we want to show our vision for the future. We want to reach a further global market.


Celebration Night

On Sunday, 11th August 2019, we will invite our beloved partners and clients to attend the celebration of Viettonkin’s a decade anniversary. We want to give appreciation and make every partner and client feel incredibly proud of the 10 years journey as the facilitator of business and investments between ASEAN and the rest of the world.

Networking Session

We are going to start the event with a one-hour networking session. All employees, clients, and partners from various industries will have a chance to get to know each other, exchange knowledge and advice during this session.

Strategy for the Next 10 years

“How did it all start? How can the company grow so rapidly?”

This is the question that people ask us so often. In the celebration night, we are going to share our journey, from the past 10 years to the future. Our CEO, Truong Lang, will tell the audience about our past achievements and also the strategy and goals for the next 10 years. Moreover, the manager of new subsidiaries will also present about the service.

Outstanding Employee Awards

We are going to give an annual award to our best employee as the appreciation for the work and effort that they give in developing Viettonkin JSC 

Appreciation Night for Our Clients

In the celebration night, we are going to give a token of appreciation to our key partners and clients, to show our appreciation for their trust in the past years.


Business Team
Business Team

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