Tax Advisory & Tax Planning

Tax Solutions ComplianceEvery business decision can result in unanticipated tax consequences. That is why our team, with proficient knowledge in this field, is here to support our clients, providing them with the wisest advice to minimize the impact on profits. We are accustomed to changes in the maze of tax laws; therefore, we constantly review our work and come up with proactive measures that address the clients’ challenges in managing and preserve their business and its wealth in a strict regulatory environment.

Tax compliance

Keeping up with the shift in tax developments at a local and national level remains to be a complex problem. Tackling this issue has been proven to be even more complicated as the legislative and regulatory environment continues to change, demanding from firms increasingly transparent and accurate financial information. Our team, with years of experience in working with tax authorities, will assist you in the compliance process from planning tax, preparing tax provision to examine and inquiring tax authority.

Tax dispute resolution

Nowadays, as the tax environment continues to change, the relationship between tax-payers and tax authorities has become more complicated. Our team, with extensive knowledge of tax risk management and tax administration, will be the escort of your firm from the initial stage of keeping you updated with changes in tax regulation, preventing tax disputes to determining resolutions of cases where disputes arise.


Truong Lang
Truong Lang

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