By Truong Lang Last updated on March 11, 2019

To help our clients in help their clients navigating the regulations of securities trading and structuring, we have established a team of professionals that have in-depth understanding of the Securities and Captial Markets sector with its two basic market types: Equity Captial Market and Debt Capital Market. It is of no doubt that both markets consist of activities that are strictly regulated on a public level; therefore, this is where our team steps in to help the involved parties in navigating the legal matters that are closely associated with their actions. Our clients are guaranteed to receive support in various activities such as:

(1) making sure that they will be listed legally in the geographies that they venture in;

(2) preparing documents to facilitate the IPO process;

(3) drafting and editing derivatives contracts;

(4) negotiating contracts; and

(5) completing statutory activities to obtain listing approval for a bond issuer, etc.

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