Businesses often find it challenging to keep pace with state legal changes. Without an honest and wise guide, the stakes are high: serious penalties, law suits, sky-high fines resulting from what are thought to be only minor infractions. Therefore, as the company grows, it is still required that businesses retain their absolute compliance with State laws, and appropriately manage your employees. Our expert team are always present to offer our clients a complete range of services that help their organizations stay aware of the legal changes, meet compliance standards, and stay compliant thereafter. Some of HR compliance services that we can provide are as follow:

  1. Human resource assistance;
  2. Labor contracts drafting, editing and reviewing;
  3. Labor dispute resolution;
  4. Employment processes advisory;
  5.  Recruitment assistance; and
  6. Registering internal and external HR processes, etc.
Truong Lang
Truong Lang

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