By Truong Lang Last updated on June 3, 2019

Audit are the cornerstone for effective capital markets. Credible financial statement audits reinforce investor confidence as they add reliability to the information provided by companies to their investors, credits and other stakeholders pursuant to the statutory requirements. Within the organization, financial statement audits give board of directors and managers the insight into where their business is standing, where it is going and the risks it is going to face. So, how can we help?  We are also working in close collaboration with relevant external parties to inform our clients at all times of the changing business environment that may influence the accuracy and completeness of financial statements. Our highly skilled and experienced audit professionals engage themselves in attending to and meeting every request of our clients. We ensure that the company’s financial statements are prepared in accordance with the Accounting Standard and with relevance to the company’s nature of activities, jurisdiction so that we can make straightforward, concise and apt advice.

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