Accounting and Tax System Setup

All operated entities are obliged to establish a well-rounded and transparent the accounting and tax solutions system that strictly adhere to the local regulations and requirements of internal management and investors. The services that our team provides can help our clients to set up a suitable regime in order to provide sufficient information for the effective administration of accounting and tax functions within the business.

Financial Accounting Advisory

Our team covers an array of services like maintaining bookkeeping records, accounting, analyzing applications, financial reporting, and advising on optimizing financial reporting processes to help our clients determine and supervise financial as well as non-financial insights for stakeholders. Our team aims to ensure that what we do will match the business short-term and long-term objectives and help realize their opportunities and thrive on them.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

The lifeline of a firm depends greatly on its financial health. That is why it is of absolute importance for a firm to assure efficiency in financial reporting for a considerable competitive advantage. Here at Viettonkin, we recognize that need and set out to help the clients understand the accounting and tax solutions basic accounting records, from business accounts, bills, fixed assets, wages, tax calculations, to bank accounts recording, etc. We will prepare financial statements and offers optimal suggestions that help reinforce management procedures and improve operating results.

Truong Lang
Truong Lang

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