The Challenge

As businesses venture into new geographies, they are presented with myriad number of documentations, procedures and problems to go through before they could establish representative offices or entities in those areas. The process of researching about and dealing with such situation is extremely daunting without the presence of a faithful assistant. Therefore, Viettonkin Law as a Vietnam Legal Firm are here to help with Legal Counsel and Advisory Services. As a legal firm, Viettonkin notices that hardship and recognizes the value of providing full services to clients; therefore, from day one we have established a wide range of services to aid our clients and help them solve their pressing needs in legal matter in Vietnam.

Legal Firm: Counsel and Advisory Services

Viettonkin Law, our dedicated legal firm based in Hanoi, Vietnam provides world-class legal counsel and advisory services aimed at high quality legal advice, risk prevention, and conscientious problem solving and execution. Having worked in close collaboration with the most experienced legal teams of Fortune Global 500 corporations, our global attorneys, lawyers, and legal counsel are well-equipped with ample knowledge of local and international regulations. With hundreds of years of combined experience, they have worked with us to consult state-owned and multi-national private organizations in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects, cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, legal disputes, and other legal projects. Meticulousness and a risk-based mindset have helped us succeed in thousands of legal consulting projects and gain the trust of our clients.

Our Solutions

We are committed to making big law firm representation accessible to business owners in our community. What we provide to our clients is access to extensive and customized quality legal counsel with great responsiveness and attention to detail.

Banking & Insurance

Company Incorporation & Secretarial Compliance

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

HR Compliance  

Private Equity 

Real Estate & Construction

Securities & Capital Markets

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications