The challenge

Ensuring compliance and keeping up with fast-changing accounting and tax service standards in different jurisdictions have always been a major challenge for multinationals and international entrepreneurs in managing their overseas entities.

Without local GAAP knowledge and a well-established local team, bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, and COA mapping for local entities suddenly become demanding tasks for even the most experienced CPA.

Accounting and Tax Services

Viettonkin offers accounting and tax services to ensure full compliance with local statutory requirements for multinationals and foreign investors when they do business in a new market. Our dedicated team of technical specialists, chief accountants, and CPAs with a wealth of experience working with global entities of Fortune Global 500 and other MNCs shall offer expert advice and unrivaled 24/7 responsiveness to truly become trustworthy companions of our clients.

Our Solutions

Our accounting and tax services solutions are rooted in the local but expanded to the global, with in-depth local expertise and an extensive global network harmoniously combined to bring the most value to our clients when conducting business in a multi-national context.

Accounting and Tax Solutions

International Tax Assignments

Tax Solutions