The challenge

Globalization and integration have allowed chances for international growth and expansion for many businesses. On the other hand, they also ignite new communication problems amongst the world’s diversified cultures. As such, firms offering language-related services began to flourish, yet the question lies in the quality of their work. Translation mistakes, poor communication and lackluster attention to significant details, which is of common practice for those who are not specialized in these fields can be both costly and detrimental to a great project.

Our expertise

Business expansion and partnership can only triumph if language barriers are overcome. Viettonkin believes that translation and interpretation require an in-depth understanding of the scope and context, as well as the specific circumstances of each communicative act. Our dedicated team of over 1000 in-house translators, interpreters, editors, and proof-readers with experience with more than 50 languages shall offer services of prime quality for clients with their documents and B2B meetings. We are trusted by our clients and major partners, including international organizations, corporations, ministries and other government agencies. Our services will help clients achieve cross-cultural and cross-border understanding, avoid fatal lingual and cultural public relations mishaps, and produce bespoke marketing materials with a local flavor.

Our Solutions

Our team conducts in various fields; therefore, we are well accustomed to technical terminology, jargon and coined terms, in different languages. We are capable of doing excellent translations and interpretations and making revisions of the plainly understood documents to bring greater values and meet the demand of our clients.