The challenge

Human Resource Management Consultancy. The heart of a company is its people. Therefore, enormous amounts of money are spent annually on the recruitment and training of workers as well as the continual attention for their well-being, compensations and benefits. Sometimes this sum, if properly managed can yield productive results that not only strengthen a company’s position in the market but also reinforce its internal livelihood – the people that continue to kindle the fire driving an organization to its promising future; yet, other times this sum is not. Viettonkin makes sure that the clients’ wishes are entrusted into good hands. We are well aware of the potential issues in personnel management, especially in a foreign geography, such as recruiting new members, establishing the salary range, statutory insurance subject to the local regulation, or capacity building.

Human Resource Management & Consultancy

We try our best to facilitate an employer-driven and integrated system that promotes a one-stop solution hub of Human Resource Management Consultancy and Professional services. Viettonkin has now providing a multitude of Human Resource Management Consultancy services to clients in the regions of Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, Malaysia etc.; many of which are listed in the Global Fortune 500 with thousands of long-term and short-term workers. Not only do we work with businesses of various sizes, we also vary our reach to businesses coming from different sectors like industrial, ICT, BPO, education, real estate, infrastructure, energy and resources, and consumer goods and retail, we are well-informed of their diverse workforce structures and needs. As a result, we are capable of developing a comprehensive regional HR strategic plan and providing workforce training opportunities for an agile and available workforce.

Our Solutions


From searching for the right talent to determining to best solutions to solve our clients’ HR-related needs, we are here to help with simple, effective approach across a wide range of services.

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Human Resource (HR) Strategy Consulting

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Organization Capacity Building

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