The Challenge

Hospitality services is regarded as one of the world’s fastest growing industries, especially in Vietnam. But there are always obstacles to such high-potential industry.

Customers are expecting more and more from hospitality services with increasing demands. These services are not only to meet high standards but also highly personalised to achieve the goal of great customer experience. That means more time and effort may be needed to optimise operations.

Hospitality Consultancy and Facility Design

At Viettonkin, we have a customer-oriented approach to hospitality consultancy and facility design. Our goal is guiding clients in achieving a profitable, sustainable and cost-efficient business. Our team includes senior consultants with practical, hands-on knowledge about all aspects of the industry. That comes from the consistent track of successful projects over the past 20 years.

Our solutions

Our experience in hospitality consultancy and facility design can help, whether you are an established restaurant, a small independent operation with local market expansion plans or a food business entrepreneur considering a new adventure. We truly believe in tailored services rather than standard procedures and we know that each client is different and requires individual solutions and customized strategies

Feasibility Study

Concept Brief & Recommendation

Design Coordination

Menu Recommendation

Operational Consultancy