Overcome language barriers when entering the new market

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Overcome language barriers when entering the new market

To make your content relevant for global audiences, you need it translated. But translation is about more than converting text into another language. Professional translators contribute essential linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise to transform your content, so you can meet your global aspirations.

Viettonkin Linguistic is a trademark of Viettonkin Consulting with many experiences and strengths in implementing translation projects in such fields as Banking, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration Business, Technology, Law, Health, Welfare, etc. with over 50 different languages.

Viettonkin Linguistic is currently a prestigious unit that has gained the trust of many large customers and partners as well as international organizations, multinational companies, businesses in the VNR 1000, and ministries and boards. agencies, mass organizations that need a translation.

With over 8 years of experience working with foreign partners, Viettonkin Linguistic is proud to have helped businesses to eliminate all language barriers and become successful overseas businesses as well as bring about the optimal language solutions to help FDI enterprises to enter the market easily and effectively.

Most linguistic systems’ clients require the highest level of accuracy for their projects. Our Translation and Linguistic services offer the highest levels of translation accuracy. With our linguistic systems, your project is serviced by experienced, skilled, professionals selected from our curated network. All are native to the target language and expert in their assigned subject matter. With Viettonkin Consulting Linguistic, you get accuracy that very closely matches the source text.

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