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Helps your organization grow with the best-suited HR strategy

We recognize that in today’s bustling and vibrant business world, the spotlight clearly is on ‘human capital’ and finding the right candidate is not enough. Viettonkin HR, therefore, plays a lead role in maximizing the search investment by bringing to our clients totally integrated HR consultancy.

Viettonkin HR makes sure that the clients’ wishes are entrusted into good hands. We are well aware of the potential issues in personnel management, especially in a foreign geography, such as recruiting new members, establishing the salary range, statutory insurance subject to the local regulation, or capacity building.

Many companies don’t recognize the vital role that Human Resources plays until a crisis occurs. They are not aware of the complexities, rules and compliance issues that arise when employees are involved. The road may be paved with good intentions but many well-meaning employers are snared by regulations they are not aware of. Good intentions will not save you from the demanding and regulated environment in which we do business today. Having strong HR programs in place will.

Many companies also lack the necessary HR staff or experience required to accomplish their goals. The HR Firm will provide you with the HR capabilities, experience and knowledge needed to achieve success for your business and your employees.

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