Québec Citizenship Program by Investment

About the Québec Citizenship Program

Québec Citizenship Program is designed for high net-worth investors who want to grasp a Canadian passport in a shortcut by Investment choice. Being the resident of Québec as well as the beautiful maple leaf country Canada will be a promise to investors with so many valuable opportunities to do business in one of the most dynamic, modern and emerging economies.

About Québec

Québec is known as the second populous province of Canada, just after Ontario. Covering a total of 17% of Canadian territory, Québec is also the largest province of this maple leaf country. The state is bordered by Ontario to the west, some US states to the south and many bays such as James Bay, Hudson Bay, Ungava Bay and Gulf of Saint Laurence to the east.

Thank its geography, Québec is the land of lakes and rivers since there are more than 400 major watersheds, a million of lakes and about 4,500 rivers dominated to this fantasy state. Besides, the climate here includes four seasons with a cold and snowy winter and a hot humid summer which promise to give investor many experiences of enjoying maple leaf changing its color.

There is one point to note that Quebec is the only province to have a predominantly French-speaking population in Canada. However, there is no need for investors to worry about communication when living here since most of the residents speaking English fluently besides the official language, French.

Benefits of Québec Citizenship Program

  • Being Quebec resident and Canada citizenship within 1.5 – 2 years
  • No requirement on language and education
  • No strict requirement on age
  • High living standard and developing economy


Québec Citizenship Program Procedure

Step 1: Signing the contract and paying service fee which includes legal fees, processing fee, and broker deposit

Step 2: Preparing required documentation which includes:

  • Identity and civil status documents: birth certificates, marriage certificate,…
  • Non-criminal certificates
  • Documents proving a net worth of CAD 2,000,000
  • Other supporting documentation required by the Québec government

Step 3: Apply for Canada investor visa

Step 4: Submits application and supporting documents to Immigration Quebec for initial processing. The CAD $15,235 Government application fee is due at this point and must be paid via Canada Post money order or a bank draft drawn from a bank with a presence in Canada.

Step 5: Investors who meet the selection conditions and criteria of the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) will be scheduled for a personal interview with a Quebec immigration officer.

Step 6: After completing a successful interview, the investor has a maximum of 110 days to successfully send funds of CAD 800,000. Clients financing the investment through an authorized financial intermediary of the Quebec Investor Program must wire transfer the up-front loan cost of approximately CAD300,000 within this timeframe. Then, business immigration officers will issue a “Quebec Selection Certificate”.

Step 7: Investor and their accompanying family must undergo a medical examination performed by an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) approved physician.

Step 8: Once the results of the medical exam are received by business immigration officials, successful applicants and their families will be fully approved for Canadian investor visas. At this time, a formal request for the passport of each person included under the investor application will be given to issuing passports.

Step 9: After arriving in the country, Canadian investor visa holders will receive a permanent residence card (Canada PR Card)



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