By Truong Lang Last updated on August 14, 2019

Vietnam Startup

Vietnam Startup report on market research data only shows “the surface”, and the startup must directly study, meet, exchange to understand customers.

Vietnam Startup consulting company Viettonkin Consulting has just held a seminar “Start-up Pedal: What factors to Succeed” in the co-working space Up Coworking Space, HCMC. The event attracts about hundreds of young people who are mainly students or people who have just cherished the idea of building their own careers.

The seminar was jointly organized by Viettonkin Up Coworking Space to share market research experience, product development from experts and startups.

At the event, 4 speakers were experts on startup consulting, startup entrepreneurs successfully shared specific stories about market research, identifying needs and how to develop products to hit the target user object.

Mr. Do Tran Anh – founder of Farmtech, a high-tech agricultural solution company, said that due to the new field characteristics, Vietnam startup lacks much information about the market and the stakeholders include farmers, users and users. both opponents. Meanwhile, the news in the media, the media is just “the surface of the iceberg”.

“It took us two years to observe the reality, complete the 80,000km route from Mong Cai to Ca Mau with a series of trips to find out what farmers are doing, what they need and what we can do to help them. higher productivity, “said Mr. Do Tran Anh.

Vietnam Startup Pedal Seminar

Mr. Do Tran Anh – founder and CEO Farmtech said that startup has spent a lot of time and effort to directly contact farmers, find out suitable product models after many “trial and error”.

On the other hand, CEO Farmtech also said that Vietnam Startups need to change inherent thinking that whatever they think and have not seen the market think it is the only creative solution.

“Usually you think your idea is great, but sometimes the market already has the product and even better than you,” the business representative provides a high-tech solution to the farmer. .

And Lam Tran – WisePass CEO shared three research steps within two years to bring lifestyle applications to market. WisePass is a model of selling member “shared” cards for catering, entertainment and entertainment services … which is still unfamiliar to the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Lam Tran – CEO of WisePass said businesses regularly organize events to meet customers to listen to ideas and grasp market demands.
Mr. Lam Tran – CEO of WisePass said businesses regularly organize events to meet customers to listen to ideas and grasp market demands.

From his experience working in the e-commerce industry, Mr. Lam Tran contacted many businesses, including the wine industry. Many businesses are relying only on the main distribution channels of restaurants, bars, hotels … without the information of who the product buyers are, how to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities. Initially, WisePass established to meet the connection needs between brands and consumers.

In step two, Mr. Lam Tran said that the Vietnam startup needs to determine whether the product meets the consumers’ needs. Here, the direct survey plays an important role. It took him two years to find a monthly membership package model to provide users with a quick solution, just go to the bar, restaurant, hotel, swipe the QR code to get a free bottle of wine everyday.

However, the third issue is whether users are willing to pay for this application. Mr. Lin Chen thought of a “guest” trick. That is to share the application in free form for 5 friends and tell “this is a secret”. The charm of “secret” has made the information of the ear transmissions faster.

“Within half a month, we received a call asking for information about the service at no cost to advertise. Users were willing to pay a sum of money to own the membership service,” said Lam. to speak.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – Viettonkin Finance CEO confirmed that the value of the data cannot be ignored.

However, from the perspective of financial experts, Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – Managing Director of Viettonkin Finance said that it is still necessary to rely on data to determine the level of interest of users, thereby judging the possibility of success. of product and service and orientation of development.

“You cannot say that you are growing fast and strong in a market with great tolerances if you cannot prove it by numbers”, Mr. Hieu analyzed.

In addition, experts at the event need to always follow the market, especially in direct contact with consumers to grasp the needs and psychology of customers, thereby constantly developing products.

“Customers always want more, faster and more convenient. The startup is constantly discovering new needs and finding ways to meet that demand the fastest, best,” WisePass CEO commented.

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