By Truong Lang Last updated on May 6, 2019

About the program

Malta Citizenship Program provided by Viettonkin is an preeminent option for investors to get the Citizenship in one member of Schengen  faster and easier. The program is aimed at business and wealthy individual who wish to live, work and study in a high developed and fascinating continent of the globe as Europe.

About Malta

Malta is an island country located in Southern Europe, bordered by Tunisia, Libya and Italy. The capital city of Malta, which is called as Valletta, is known as the smallest national capital among countries in European Union with the area of just 0.8 km². Thanks to its location in Southern Europe, Malta owns a typical climate of Mediterranean and influenced strongly by the sea. The land has a sunny climate with all day sunshine and dry in summer, cooler in autumn and mild in the winter.

The landscape of this island country is characterized by many rocky coastal cliffs, along with low and flat plains in the center. Thank to that geographical characteristic, Malta is gifted with many breathtaking natural wonders.

Valletta, Malta

Maltese people use their own Maltese language which had borrowed a massive amount of words  from Sicilian and Italian, along with a lesser amount adopting from English and French. However, immigrant still can find it easy to communicate with the Maltese community since  most educated Maltese can speak English, and many understand Italian as well.


_Free visa to over 160 countries, including EU, USA, Canada

_Live, work and study in any countries of EU

_Accompany include parents of applicants, spouse, children under age of 28.

_Get high quality education in any countries of EU


1. Apply for Residence: Applicants who are not already resident in Malta are advised to apply for residency to set the clock ticking on the 1 year residency requirement.

2. Application by Accredited Person: Applicants submit application form to Identity Malta with the essential supporting documents. Payments due now include the due diligence fees, passport fees and a deposit of €10,000,  on account of Investment of 500,000 EUR (350,000 into property acquisition and 150,000 into bonds) is required. Donation of 650,000 EUR to governmental foundation is another requirement.

3. Day 90: Identity Malta confirms if documentation submitted is formally in order, subject to a further month of verifications.

4. Day 125- Request for Contribution: Identity Malta requests payment of remaining balance on donation.

5. Day 145- Deadline for paying balance on donation.

6. Day 180- Final Compliance: Provide evidence of Property Purchase / Rental & amount of  investment.

7. Day 240_ Issue of Certificate of Naturalization: When the applicant has fulfilled all their obligations under the Malta Individual Investor Program, they will received a Certificate of Naturalization and given a Malta Passport.


1. The applicant must have a non-criminal record

2. Principal applicant must be over the age of 18.  

3. A valid global health insurance with medical expense which is minimum of EUR 50 000 per family is a strict requirement.

4. The applicant must have the legal residence in Malta for 1 year prior to the certificate of naturalization being issued.

5. All applicants, including children over the age of 18, must visit Malta in person to undertake the Oath of Allegiance



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