Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and communication technology (ICT) in the last decade has made a lot of impressive strides thank to a wide range of new inventories that play as the main key boosting our world’s digital economy more inclusive. According to the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, the 2019 most superb technology call the name of 5G network which are going to be launched in many countries such as United State, South Korea, Japan and China. Moreover, the development of Blockchain- based solution service has turned from concept to practical application in larger scale of financial industry, along with the prevailing high-tech of AI, VR and biometric recognition in mobile device. These trends promise to keep influencing ICT global in the upcoming years.

ICT also is a crucial sector impacting the growth of FDI especially in the developing country recently. It is believed that ICT encourages and advances FDI by using those new ICT tools in order to reduce cost, increase productivity and competitiveness. As stated in the World Investment Report 2018 by UNCTAD, tech companies expect to be most active investors and are planning to expand in all regions. In details, almost 45% investors choose destinations in developing and transition economies like Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

With the attention of some key players in the industry such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Database System, ICT not only does have positive affection on our technology- driven economic and social landscape in a dynamic and long-term growth, but also pull out more opportunity for FDI to spread over the Global in the near future.