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The challenge

The field of financial services industry is changing. It always does. Under the broad umbrella of financial services, the shifts in areas such as technology, global events or regulation may be exceptionally muddling. However, with such fast and furious changes, there exists many common challenges and marketplace disruptions. The number of clients turning to another party for financial services has also been increasing, but so does their demand for the sophistication of services. What is more, as the regulatory environment for financial industry is ever-expanding in its intricacy, noncompliance, and lack of risk and data management are not an option. That is why companies’ solutions to address these problems need to be as timely and stringent as possible, without, or better, with the assistance of a trustworthy third party like Viettonkin.



Our expertise

At Viettonkin, we put great emphasis on the future of Financial Services that is the pillar of support for our clients, assisting them in shaping fruitful businesses. With a team of professionals who are undoubtedly agile and sharp to react to any sudden movements of the market, we implement plans with proven methodologies and design to bring the most value to our clients. Our clients need experts, we are present with support. We are the advisor at their convenience, with our knowledge spanning across various fields like Transaction, Corporate finance, Management crisis and recovery, Risk advisory, and Management of personalized wealth/portfolio.

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