We need more information about our company’s legal representative to establish a business in Vietnam

Understanding clients need, Viettonkin strongly believe that we can be of great assistance for finding the right person for this position and making essential preparations regarding HR policy in accordance with the Vietnam Labor Law, Insurance Law and Regulations. As we have a strong network of talents and HR nationwide, we can give you good staffing suggestions catering to your needs and requirements.

How can Viettonkin help us in launching new products and services?

We are able to provide you with efficient marketing tools in launching new products/services of your company.  Also, Viettonkin will assist you from doing market research, marketing plan and even event planning to introduce products/services. If you need any assistance regarding to recruiting sales representatives or building relationships with local companies, we can satisfy your needs. Please do not hesitate to “contact us” for further information.


Marketing & Sales in new market is really challenging for us.Do you have any suggestions?

In Vietnam, thanks to the advanced information technology, we can combine traditional marketing tools with online marketing to have the most effective marketing strategy to reach out our prospects. With more than 50% population being familiar and able to use the Internet, it is necessary for your company to have a strong online presence to approach the potential customers easily and effectively. Viettonkin will help you to build up your marketing plan including detailed consultation and appropriate marketing methods for your company in order to compete with your rivals.


We have a lot of language barriers in researching and setting up the Vietnam market. In which way can you help us to overcome?

One of our service specializations is Translation and Localization services for foreign companies and organizations. Our mission is to help our clients to be able to speak the language of their customers. Therefore, we will not only offer the official / unofficial translation for your documents but also figure out an overall plan for localization of your company in Vietnam from your Corporate Image, Branding, Marketing Materials and Planning, Staffing System and Product Localization to suit the taste of Vietnamese customers.


We wonder about the Vietnamese consumer behavior. To stay competitive, we also need to understand Vietnam business environment well. How can Viettonkin help us?

We are willing to help you regarding the market research and collecting information on the market and competitors. We strive to provide your company with a comprehensive preparation from giving basic information on the market to setting up a business plan and organizing a field trip / business tour for your experience in which you will have opportunities to meet the authority, potential customers or partners, to know more about the locality and have better understanding about Vietnamese culture.


We do not have any business relationships in the new market as Vietnam. What kind of assistance do you provide in this regard?

Vietnam is a brand new market and this is the reason why your company and Viettonkin become business partners. With our good understanding, experience and broad relationships, we promise to accompany with our clients from setup phase such as doing market research, making business plan, obtaining necessary licenses, setting up offices, recruiting country representative and employees, translation and localization. Additionally, we provide ongoing services after opening and running a business in Vietnam including Event Planning, Investment or Legal Advisory, Financial Advisory and so on. For further information, please do not hesitate to “contact us” to get more useful and informative documents for your decision in penetrating into Vietnam market.


How does Vietnam government cooperate with other countries government? What are the bilateral and multi-lateral agreements signed by Vietnam and other countries?

Since July 2013, Vietnam has maintained diplomatic relationships with 184 nations throughout the world. We are encouraging export and attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) businesses in the country. At present, we already signed 90 bilateral agreements with other countries and regions, 60 promotion and protection of investment agreements, 54 double taxation avoidance agreements and many other agreements with organizations. Vietnam is a permanent member of World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank. Vietnam has joined ASEAN and ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) since 1996. At the same time, we participated in Asian-Europe meeting and being a member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1998.

All information above shows that Vietnam looks forward to building partnership with all countries around the world. Again, we welcome you to Vietnam and become our potential business partner.


We are an American corporation that has never done any business in Asia market before. How can you help us in establishing our business in Vietnam?

As an experienced and understanding consulting firm, we are designated to assist foreign companies to establish your own business in Vietnam. With our package services, we can assist you from doing market research, making business plans, obtaining necessary licenses, setting up an office, recruiting staffs, translation and localization. We also provide on-going services after setting up phase, including planning event, investment or legal advisory, financial advisory and so on. All you need to do is “contact us”, let us know your requirements and expectations. We will reply within 24 hours upon the receipt of your inquiry.


Could you tell me about the current situation of Vietnam business environment? Also, we need to know more about the business etiquette and customs in Vietnam.

Currently, Vietnam business report indicated that the country has improved its business environment through a regulatory reform, making it easier for local and foreign investors to start up their business. According to the World Bank,“Vietnam now is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia region.” Vietnam is one of the United States’ fastest-growing trade partners. All information above proves that this market would be  potential, dynamic and energetic, which bring many opportunities for foreign investors making profit and doing long-term business. If you would like to get any latest information about Vietnam business environment as well as business etiquette and customs, please feel free to “Contact us”.


Does Vietnam government support foreign companies investing into the country? What kind of support do we have when operating in Vietnam?

Our government is willing to support foreign companies investing to the country. Vietnam welcomes all foreign firms that wish to establish here, including solid economic growth, political stability, competitive workforce, an open and transparent market, abundant natural resources, and good geographic positioning in the region. Furthermore, Vietnam has already signed up and is currently negotiating agreements about Free Trade Areas, Free Investment Environment with many countries around the world, in which enhances predictability and transparency for investing in Vietnam. Therefore, setting up a company in Vietnam is becoming easier for foreign investors.

We do not know much about Vietnam. Could you provide us with the information of Vietnam country and people?

We understand your concern and try our best to provide you with essential understanding about Vietnam. Please kindly see the information relating to “Vietnam country briefing” article on our website and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


After doing online research about Vietnam market, we see that it is very potential. How can we get our company registered in Vietnam? What are the legal forms of business setup?

In Vietnam, the registration process for setting up a company is resource-consuming. It is quite complicated for a “newcomer” as a foreign company that never does business in Vietnam. With our good understanding, relationship and experiences, we can strongly assist you to complete the registration process with very limited resources.

For the legal forms of business setup, you need to complete a number of forms; you can see and download at our “Download document” section for free. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to email us. We will try to answer all of your questions/concerns as soon as possible.

We are interested in penetrating into Vietnam market. What should we do?

That is a really good idea. Vietnam is a very dynamic and profitable market that will promise to have a strong development. Before making decision to penetrate into Vietnam market, it is necessary for you to have a good understanding about the market. At first, you can read our “Vietnam country briefing” to have general information about Vietnam and Vietnam business environment. Then, you should make a market research about the products or services you are planning to provide. Last but not least, you need to ask some foreign companies doing same business in Vietnam for some advices. That seems to be complicated for you but we can help you with that. If you need any information, please do not hesitate to “Sign up for newsletter” in our Website or contact us directly, we will provide it for free.