The F&B industry in Indonesia holds an important role in the growth of GDP. It contributes to GDP increased to 6.25 percent in 2018. Estimated every year, the industry contributes a 1% increase for the GDP. Here are the three important about F&B industry in Indonesia:

About consumers in Indonesian F&B Industry

The majority of Indonesians are Muslims. The label for Halal in food and beverages is very important in the Indonesian F&B Industry. If you are thinking to expand to a bigger market in Indonesia, you should consider issuing the Halal certificate for your products every five years. There are a few requirements that F&B businesses should fulfill to issue the halal certificate that you, we can help you with this!

About products in Indonesian F&B Industry

Just like other countries, Indonesian people love instant products.

Soft drinks have been the first high-selling beverage in the F&B industry. The soft drink industry growth in Indonesia is about 8 to 9 percent every year. In the second and third places, ready-to-drink coffee and a bottle of water are also at the top spots.

For food, the market for canned and packaged food has also grown significantly. There has been a strong demand for packaged foods, instant noodles, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and canned foods.

Other than ready-to-meal products, it is also important to know that Indonesian love rice if you are thinking to enter the F&B industry. Many Indonesian people eat rice three times a day – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a study that suggests “Many Indonesian who skip eating rice in a day, feel like they have not eaten”. If you are thinking to create a restaurant in Indonesia, make sure that you provide a menu that serves rice.

The importance of place in Indonesian F&B Industry

In the era of Instagram and Facebook, Indonesian people tend to choose a restaurant that does not only serve good food but also aesthetically pleasing for social media content. Since 2018, there have been many F&B players who highlights the good design, ambiance, and decoration of the restaurant. Although the food is not that good or over-price, if they have an Instagrammable place, Indonesian people would still come.


Important F&B expo in Indonesia


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