By Truong Lang Last updated on August 14, 2019

Digital Optimist and Viettonkin JSC to form Joint Venture Business

digital optimist logoDigital Optimist and Viettonkin JSC have entered into a strategic partnership to offer fully integrated services to businesses in the ASEAN region. Both companies from ASEAN, have a strong understanding that each country in the region has a diverse and unique culture, as such it poses a significant challenge to businesses to operate without local support. The partnership will offer services ranging from company incorporation, digital marketing services, accounting, audit and legal advice. The parties will be mutually contributing their core competencies in the execution of clients secured, both existing and new projects in the ASEAN Region.

Digital Optimist is a performance based digital marketing agency, established in 2016. Today the company has presence in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, at the same time servicing clients in Thailand and Singapore. The company has been offering digital marketing services which include digital sales acquisition, lead acquisition, mobile app download acquisition or other result oriented KPI that clients assigned to them, on top of that digital awareness and marketing automation is also offered. These services are carried out using Google, Facebook and the company’s own digital inventory available to advertisers on the globe, along with technology partners from Europe, India and USA – giving clients access to not just the latest technology in digital advertising but also the full expertise the agency has to offer to its clients.

Viettonkin Consulting PNG File (Black text)Established in 2009, Viettonkin JSC is a multi-disciplinary multi-nation group of law firm, auditing firm and consulting firms headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam with the mission of facilitating foreign direct investments from other regions to Southeast Asia as well as intra-ASEAN investments. With regional presence through offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and associate networks in other ASEAN countries, the group is well positioned to provide a one-stop solution for investors, companies, and MNCs entering a new market in the region. The areas of practice includes legal, accounting and tax, HR, business consulting, overseas investment consulting, linguistic solutions, business travel, and other corporate services tailored to the needs of clients.

The companies will leverage on expertise and resources from both ends in order to provide better bundled service packages with added values to its existing clients and working together to acquire new businesses in ASEAN. With an extensive track record, strong expertise in their own field and solid regional outreach for both companies, the prospect for this partnership is huge with our ultimate goal of delivering excellent services to clients.