By Truong Lang Last updated on May 3, 2019

About the program

The Cyprus Citizenship Program is designed for high net-worth individuals and businesses, who are seeking to the opportunity of getting wonderful benefits from being EU citizenship and a favorable tax regime offered to Cyprus’s residents.

The Government of Cyprus has recently had some change in rule and policy of the Cyprus Investment Program in March, 2019. However, it is no need for investors to worry since the updated program will offer applicants flexibility and variety of approved Investment options. At Viettonkin Immigration, our rich experienced and professional consultants proud to be investor’s right-hand man, going besides to support investors in every each step of their pathway to the Cyprus Citizenship.

About Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful and peaceful island country which is known as the third smallest nation in Europe, just after Luxembourg and Malta. Thank to its location in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus owns subtropical climate with a mild winter and a warm to hot  sunny summer, the annually average temperature is approximately 23 Celsius. Geographically, Cyprus island is created by two mountains, the Troodos mountains and Kyrenia mountains with the centre plaint lying between them. This small island nation is popular as the ideal destination of nature lovers all over the globe since it owns so many breathtaking and mesmerizing natural  wonders such as Cape Greco, Cedal Valley and Millomeri Waterfall.

Cape Greco

Moreover, Cyprus residents are very friendly and warm welcoming with their hospitable tradition. The main languages used officially in this island country are Greek and Turkish. Besides, a lot of Cyprus citizen also can speak English very well so that immigrants will have no trouble in communication when living here.


_Short processing timeframe with just 6-7 month to get Cyprus passport

_No long-term physical presence required

_Free visa access to over 170 countries

_Low cost but high standard living

_Access to high quality education system of European Union


Step 1: Document requirements

1.Copy of Passport

2. Copy of Address proof or utility bill

3.Birth Certificate

4.Marriage Certificate

5.Non- criminal record

6.Individual photos of applicants

Step 2: Investment

Investment 2,000,000 EUR is required. Investment must be kept for 3 years, then after 3 years the investment can be reduced down to just €500,000 and this investment must be maintained in order for the investor to retain their citizenship.

Step 3: Apply for Citizenship

When the citizenship application form has been completed, the principal applicants and his/her accompany will submit application to the Cyprus Ministry of Interior, then a permanent residence permit will be issued within 5 working days, after this time the investor and his/her family can leave Cyprus.

Step 4: Acquiring for Citizenship

After about 6 months of processing period, approval will be granted and passport will be issued. At this time, investor and his/her family must present in Cyprus in order to receive all these verified citizenship documents.


1. Applicants must be over 18 year old

2. Evidenced by clean criminal record

3. Not be on the list of persons whose assets, within the EU, have been frozen as a result of sanctions

4. Not be rejected for citizenship in any other EU member countries



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