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Here at Viettonkin, we have a lot to offer. You will be a part of a highly energetic, humorous, and yet no less talented team. In our team, your voices are heard, your pursuit of personal passion is promoted, your effort and hard work are appreciated, and your inner fire will be recognized, kindled and combined with the spirits of those around you. Our foremost advantage roots from being a strong team that coordinates effectively with one another to bring the best values to our clients.

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HR Intern

– Manage labor contract, employee profile, reward and discipline record

– Manage attendance report and calculate payroll, statutory social insurance (SHUI) and other benefits

– Supervise and carry out work on salary and welfare of employees

– Register personal tax code

– Coordinate with partners, payroll service providers and related parties with regards to social insurance, personal income to provide data, check and control data effectively.

– Other tasks upon assigned by line manager and HR manager

Full JD

Experience: 0
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Accounting & Tax Intern

– Conducting research on tax and accounting topics

– Engaging in multi-national projects in respect of accounting and tax compliance

– Supporting the Accounting Department in related projects

– Participating in global tax assignments and tax avoidance/ tax planning projects

– Supporting in working with foreign companies on the accounting and tax matters in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand

– Others as assigned by the CEO and Chief Consultant

Full JD

Experience: 0
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Paralegal Intern

– Research laws and regulations related to FDI for case studies and client projects

– Prepare and submit required paperwork to secure the accreditation and licensure of a foreign capitalized company in Vietnam

– Liaise with authorities to carry out legal formalities and act on client’s behalf

– Liaise with clients regarding the project progress

– Other assignments directed by supervisor

Full JD

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