By Truong Lang Last updated on May 2, 2019

About the program

Bulgarian Fast-Track Citizenship Program is for foreign investors and wealthy individuals who would like to migrant to Bulgaria for setting up  their businesses or getting a better living standard in Europe. The program paved an easier and smoother path for investor to speed up their immigration process and achieve  Bulgaria citizenship goal just within 2 years.

About Bulgaria

Located in the Balkan peninsula of the Southeast Europe, Bulgaria has a strategic geographical position as the gateway between Asia and Europe terra. This little peaceful country is divided into 28 provinces with its national capital is called with an interesting beautiful name as Sofia. Bulgaria owns its borders with many countries that are  Greece, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, and a Black Sea coastline on the Black Sea. Climate in Bulgaria has typical characteristic of Central Europe with two distinct weather of a hot summer and a long, cold winter. The average temperature in daytime of this nation is range from 0-8 Celsius in the winter months  and 25-30 Celsius in the summer months. Thanks to its geographical position with a very mountainous interior and low plaints in the country’ North and South. along with the complex and variable climate, Bulgaria is gifted with a large number of fantasy and mesmerizing natural wonders.

Bulgaria is the official language used in Bulgaria. However, immigrant should not worry about communicating here since most educated Bulgarian can speak English very well. Besides, it would be  great for investors to know that Bulgaria has a low living cost and property prices along with a scenic countryside which promise to make Bulgaria an ideal destination for investors to moving in and get a better high quality life with their family.


By following the Fast-Track Citizenship Program, investors will be able to enjoy free visa access to more than 142 countries all over the globe, get right to own real estates in Bulgaria as well as in other member countries of EU. Moreover, investors can live, work and access to high quality education system of any countries in  Europe with unrestricted rights and no need of good command in Bulgarian language. Remarkably, dual citizenship is permitted in Bulgaria, and thus investors can obtain second passport.


* Note: Spouse and children under the age of 18 may apply for Visa D and then PR only when the principal applicant did obtain PR approval from his first trip to Bulgaria. When successfully get the PR approval, they can  go with the principal applicant on second trip to collect the PR card then.

Required Papers

_ Application forms provided by Viettonkin Immigration

_ Original Birth Certificate of the Principal Applicant, the Spouse and Children

_ 8 Passport Photos of the Principal Applicant, the Spouse and Children

_ Colored Passport copies of Principal Applicant, the Spouse and Children with valid residence, including Visa Page or Residence Card ( If any)

_ Origin of Non-Criminal Record from both the country of citizenship and the country of residence for the Principal Applicant, the Spouse and Children aged 16 and above

_ Certified true copy of Marriage Certificate

_ Original Household Registry or family book

_ Proof of Address Copy ( Utility Bill) of Principal Applicant ( within 3 nearest months)

_ Copy of completed questionnaire for the Principal Applicant only.



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