If you want to enter the Indonesian market, you have to think about digital marketing channels to promote and build an image for your business.

Out of all marketing channels that are available, we have listed the top three that work best in Indonesia!

1. Facebook

There are more than 130 million active users from Indonesia in 2018 and 40 percent of them are looking for product information and recommendations, Facebook is one of the best channels for your business. You can create Facebook Page for your company and list all the necessary information about the services and products that you offer. You can share articles that are related to your business and post a special discounts (with limited time) in this platform. People can give review to your business and recommend others by sharing your Facebook page through the personal post. In this case, Facebook serves as a social marketplace, where 31 percent of Indonesians make a purchase decision based on recommendations they get on Facebook. 

2. Instagram

Instagram does influence on the shopping behavior of Indonesian, especially during the holidays, 86 percent of holiday consumers in Indonesia using the app for shopping Ideas. Instagram provides an option for Business Account, where businesses can identify the number of engagement they get from a post, how many Instagram users visit the profile, or click to visit the website. You can also identify your audiences, such as location, age range, and gender. It is also important to know that, it is very common in Indonesia for businesses to send their products or give free services to ‘Instagram Content Creator’ to get more exposure. 

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp works very well for businesses in Indonesia, especially since January 2019, where WhatsApp launched the business account. Many businesses use WhatsApp as a platform to interact with high-potential leads who send inquiries to them. This platform might also be a customer acquisition and retention tool too. Moreover, businesses that use WhatsApp business might engage customers in all three stages in the customer’s journey:

  • Generate awareness by announcing new products and promotions
  • Make personalized recommendations to customers based on the products they viewed
  • Send notification (shipping updates, order confirmation) to customers after they place an order 

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