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Business Consulting


For every organization, the information on external environment, customers and competitors plays an essential role in helping leaders to make sound decisions on strategy, management, investment, or new products, especially during the turbulent economic context of today. The value of market information is especially crucial to foreign firms operating in an unfamiliar environment, where a large proportion of useful data can only be uncovered with research expertise and comprehension of local language, customs, and business practices. Having access to thorough market information and analysis, firms will be able to drastically improve their efficiency, reduce costs, decrease new products’ time to market, and enhance the effectiveness of branding strategies.


With nearly a decade of experience providing consulting services for domestic and foreign enterprises, Viettonkin JSC deeply understands how market information, as well as an overview of how the company fits into that picture, can often be the difference between success and failure. Thus, we want to offer our clients high quality market research services which would reveal the strategic information they need, helping them maintain an advantage in a fast-paced competitive environment. Our local competency in the Vietnamese and ASEAN markets, coupled with excellent linguistics knowhow and expertise in primary and secondary research, will guarantee the most updated and accurate market assessment. Furthermore, we provide end-to-end customized services across the business research/market research spectrum, from day-to-day information needs to complex research solutions, and assist our clients in formulating and implementing their strategic plans.


With such crucial information at your disposal, you will be able to:

  • Modify your strategic approach to fit market needs
  • Gain a deep understanding of the business context
  • Obtain industry overviews
  • Find suitable partners for the development and distribution of products and services
  • Gauge customer demand and measure brand awareness
  • Build detailed competitor profiles
  • Learn about the relevant authorities related to your business field


Business development is a long-term strategic planning activity that involves opportunity recognition and evaluation, which often can be more effective when aided with an outside perspective. An experienced professional with a fresh point of view can help the company better evaluate the feasibility of new business ventures, projects, or products and services. This enhanced and unbiased evaluation can allow the firm to avoid decision-making biases such as sunk cost bias or overconfidence bias, resulting in reduced budget spending, increased units sold, and better time management. Understanding this, Viettonkin JSC offers our business development consulting services, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Identifying and evaluating merger and acquisition proposals
  • Analyzing the feasibility of new products or services
  • Designing or evaluating new services in terms of Delivery Processes, Distribution Processes, Vendor Relationships, or Business Alliances.

Building on the information gathered through market research and internal studies, we orient target-driven and long-term business activities as well as provide a comprehensive information system of policies, measures and conditions in order to achieve business development goals.


Our consultants are willing to work as temporary staff in your company on our behalf for specific assignments within a business, or they can also be long-term employees in case of big and strategic projects. The consultants shall work closely with the manager or authorized person to continuously update on work progress and deal with any problems that may arise. With such a devoted relationship and constant communication, we believe that we would be able to bring value and contribute to the successful expansion of your business in desired markets.


About us

Viettonkin JSC provides consulting services in a customer-centered approach. Our services are specially designed and tailor-made to suit various tastes of our customers who are business corporations from foreign countries. Our focus is on how to best help our clients with our Optimal Solutions and Comprehensive Package Services specifically meeting their needs.

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