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Management Consulting


Management is the backbone of any business operation. It is management excellence that retains employees, it is management control that creates efficiencies, and it is management practices that build the corporate culture. Organizational effectiveness is highly contingent on managerial success and yet, few organizations have committed to developing a systematic approach to building management capacity and formulating a set of management philosophies. This is due to the complication of the process and the fact that it demands significant time and resources.

Understanding the importance of improving management expertise in any organization, Viettonkin JSC offers our management consulting services to any organization striving for excellence in the marketplace. Our services include HR advisory services, management training, and strategic advisory and restructuring. In line with our core competence of localized expertise, our management consulting offerings target both inward and outward FDI businesses, where we can help our clients get access to the most promising local talent pool and learn about how the local culture affects workplace conducts.

Furthermore, we provide our clients with the most effective and proven management tools, frameworks, and techniques available, so that the decision-making, leadership, and staff development capacities within the organization are optimized. For the organization, this minimizes employee turnover, drastically reduces cost to hire, boosts productivity and efficiency, and creates a system which can be replicated for success in years to come. For the individual employees, the benefits include better career development, improved job satisfaction, and a holistic view of the organization and relationships between units. It creates a win-win situation for both parties, and we are happy to be the third party that brings organizational effectiveness to our client.


About us

Viettonkin JSC provides consulting services in a customer-centered approach. Our services are specially designed and tailor-made to suit various tastes of our customers who are business corporations from foreign countries. Our focus is on how to best help our clients with our Optimal Solutions and Comprehensive Package Services specifically meeting their needs.

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What we do Although Viettonkin JSC is a young consulting company incorporated in 2009, our team with excellent... To the portfolio

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